Natural Antistatic Hair Comb

- Dimensions: Length 19cm x 4.5cm (with error)
- Color: White and half natural horn color, 1 color each (random)

ATTENTION: This horn comb is handmade, there are deviations, the pattern may be changed by the manufacturer to fit the trend.

✔ The horn contains substances (Keratin, Protein, Calcium, etc.) which is a precious medicinal herb with healing effects for humans. When combing, it helps to circulate blood circulation, making the hair smooth and soft. split ends, always shiny, avoid hair loss.
✔ The horn comb does not have static electricity like plastic or other combs, avoiding affecting the brain.
✔ The horn comb is a very good windproof type, helping you to resist the weather every time it changes.

- High quality materials: Traditional folk with modern processing techniques, smooth, natural color, no static electricity. Brushing hair with a horn comb helps to calm the mind and relieve stress, which is beneficial to human health. Very good and helps improve health if used daily.
Estimated delivery in 3 weeks

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