Galaxy Keycap,Gravity In Interstellar Space,Resin Keycap, Astronaut Resin Keycap

SKU: 2


Material: Resin Expoxy

Profile: DOM and SA

Size: R1

The universe and galaxy, latest technology artisan backlit kkeycaps, unique style with your mechanical keyboard. When looking into this artisan keycap, you can easily see the vast realm beyond our planet.

Designing idea: The immensity of the universe is difficult to grasp. Such beauty was unexpected on the keyboard. It's good to rest one's eyes on such a beautiful view, after a long time of gaming.

The keycap is 100% handmade with a complicated process and will be a unique Gift for Collecting, For Keycaps Lovers, and so on.

The price is just for 1 pcs resin keycap

Visit our website to see more about the actual video. 


Estimated 3 Weeks Delivery

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